Tired of Security Scare Tactics? SecureWorker™ Utilizes 5 Ways To Empower & Protect your team!

SESSION 2 |  10:35AM - 11:20AM | ROOM 5

Scare tactic – blah, blah, blah, security thing and that other whatsit. If you feel that this is the message you hear every time some new security headline hits the news about the latest breach or vulnerability fear factor, then breakout session is for you!  We feel like the Small & Medium Business community is looking for ANSWERS, not just more of the same security noise that inundates us in news articles and our inboxes.  

We will discuss some of the new methods hackers are attempting to deploy against your organization, the overall increased volume of security threats, AND provide answers regarding how you can protect your organization, meet compliance requirements, and achieve peace of mind!  One surprise twist is that some of the answers include providing MORE convenience to your staff, and MORE security, which is extremely rare in technology.

Presented By: Jerel Howland, Director of Technical Solutions at Mytech Partners



ABOUT Jerel Howland

No one really knows if it was his ability boot a TRS-80 based computer lab in 2nd-grade or educating his 8th-grade class on finer points of using Apple Writer, the one thing that was always clear is that Jerel has a knack for computers.


After several years of honing his skills in organizations that were either too big or too small, he found what was just right for him.  Managed Service Providers offered the challenge to use his knowledge of enterprise IT design to help provide technology infrastructures that allowed smaller organizations to focus on their business and not on the technology.


With 20+ years of architecting and supporting the IT environments of many companies, Jerel is now the position to use his skills in developing the framework for the next generation of client environments, by identifying the technology needs of clients and the emerging products that can fill them.