The Best Practices of a Successful Sales Organization

session 2 | 10:35am - 11:20am | Room 7

Do any of these challenges sound familiar? 

  • We don't know why reps are underperforming
  • We don't know enough about the daily behaviors that lead to outstanding performance
  • We have inaccurate or incomplete forecasts
  • We don't give reps enough timely feedback
  • We don't know what stops reps during the sales process
  • We don't know when to coach reps

If so, welcome to the club. Many companies are having the same experience.
We have helped hundreds of companies address sales issues just like yours. We’ve done this by working with them to implement core foundational processes that are needed for profitable growth, but are missing in many organizations.

About Gary Braun

Gary is a founder and owner of Pivotal Advisors dedicated to improving sales force effectiveness by consulting with CEO’s and sales leaders on the critical elements required for superior performance. Gary has helped many companies with planning and implementing sales strategy, systems and processes across multiple industries. He works with sales leaders to identify key areas within sales team for improvement, then works with companies to help them implement changes that improve direction, accountability and process which can lead to increased revenue.

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About Steve Hoeft

Steve is a Partner with Pivotal Advisors. He draws from a wide variety of platforms of business encounters, leadership experiences, and intense competition. Leadership has been forefront in his career for over 19 years. Steve has been dedicated to improving processes, inspiring people and driving results with his unique customized approaches.  His work includes helping sales leaders lead their sales teams to dynamically differentiate, implementing consistent processes, highlighting and driving the right activities that have led to healthy sales organizations.