Tackling the Talent Shortage Problem: An honest look at challenges related to finding and retaining information security talent.

It’s a fact, there aren’t enough of us to go around. The unemployment rate is already at 0%, and the future looks bleak for people in need of information security talent. Industry experts predict as many as 3.5 million empty seats by the year 2022. These are the facts, unless we’re willing to do something about it. The good news, is that we are willing and able to do something! There are solutions for finding and retaining information security talent. What does this mean for you, and what should you do about it? In this session, Evan Francen, CEO and founder of FRSecure will put the problem into context, provide three options to solve the problem for yourself, and provide strategies that work.

Attendees will learn that they have viable options for finding and retaining information security talent. Together we will

  • Define the scope and breadth of the information security talent shortage problem, and the consequences associated with it.
  • Define three real solutions to the problem that attendees can chose to apply in their own situation.
  • Define the pros and cons of each of the solutions as well as the things to look out for.

Presented By: Evan Francen, CEO & Founder of FRSecure