Surviving the Cloud in a World of Cyber Insecurity

Session 4 | 2:00PM - 2:45pm | Room 5

“I thought if I was in the cloud, I was safe.” Think you understand the “Cloud?” Is your data safe? Can it get lost? Is it actually protected and backed up? If you are unsure of these answers, we will explore data security, cloud systems and cloud backup. What are the risks vs reward – how can I mitigate those risks and still secure my business data? Businesses need to understand how to assess risk, how to plan for potential loss and how to mitigate the effects for loss and maintain a continuity of business operations.

About Alan Wittstein

Alan Wittstein has been working in the IT and Telecommunications for over 30 years; most of the last 10 years with a focus on security and compliance. Since joining Datto in 2013, Mr. Wittstein works with partners globally to implement data protection and business continuity solutions for their customers.