SonicWALL: The State of the Cybersecurity Arms Race

session 3 | 1:00pm - 1:45pm | room 6

In the war against cybercrime, no one gets to avoid battle. That’s why it’s crucial that each of us is proactive in understanding the innovation and advancements being made on both sides of the cybersecurity arms race. To that end, SonicWALL introduced the 2017 SonicWall Annual Threat Report, offering clients, businesses, cybersecurity peers and industry media and analysts a detailed overview of the state of the cybersecurity landscape.

To map out the cybersecurity battlefield, we studied data gathered by the SonicWall Global Response Intelligence Defense (GRID) Threat Network throughout the year. Our findings supported what we already knew to be true – that 2016 was a highly innovative and successful year for both security teams and cyber criminals.

About Luke Fredrickson

For Luke's entire 18 year career in the technology field he has been on the front lines of emerging trends in the IT industry.  Starting as Director of Technical Sales and Services where he spend 10 years helping others use technology to create value for their business.  Currently, Luke receives great personal satisfaction from helping others understand and protect themselves from cyber biased attacks.  His experience includes technical sales engagements of IT security solutions to companies of all sizes in a variety of business environments including financial, healthcare, service provider, government, education, manufacturing, retail, and non-profit