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ROOM 1 TITLE Financial Fitness 101: Key Financial Considerations for Business Owners This session will discuss the challenges many business owners face in today’s complex financial landscape. From which accounting software to utilize, to what are the most critical areas to focus on that will ensure a financially healthy business. Navigating these complexities can be overwhelming to many business owners but they shouldn’t do it alone. This session will discuss some of these challenges and provide recommendations on where business owners can focus their efforts and resources to streamline their finances.
PRESENTER Jeremy Kiecker

ROOM 2 TITLE The Blind Spot: What should an executive expect from information security? Decision-making at the executive level is often risk-based. Legal risk, financial risk, market risk, employee risk and supply-chain risk are a few that come to mind right away. What about information security risk? The gap in vocabulary and expectation at the executive level is too big. This session will provide three simple questions to ask of your information security program and what answers you should expect. Whether you are in a position to ask or answer these questions, this session will be helpful.

ROOM 3 TITLE Connecting, Organizing & Collaborating with Your Team The way people work together is evolving, and unique projects, work styles, functional roles and workforce diversity call for a complete set of collaboration tools. Join us to explore new ways of communicating and collaborating in ways that were previously not possible using Microsoft Teams. During this interactive session, you will learn how to use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to:

Create a hub for team work that works together with your other Office 365 apps

Build customized options for each team

Keep everyone on your team engaged

Coauthor and share content quickly

Gain skills that will save you time and simplify your workflow immediately
PRESENTER Doug Splinter
COMPANY Microsoft Tehcnology Center

ROOM 4 TITLE Learn how Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) can grow your business Most companies that experience growth invest in a CRM. They have learned that this technology streamlines their marketing, sales, operations, and customer service processes. This allows them to get a 360 degree view of their business and simplifies their business by driving alignment between all of the business functions. Basically it allows you to do more with less. Learn how CRMs can be a value adding technology for small businesses. We will walk you through how CRMs can transform and scale your business pipeline, processes, and revenue.
COMPANY Redpath Consulting Group

ROOM 5 TITLE Managing Projects via Theory of Constraints Many companies' primary product or service is highly dependent on a project delivery model, which may be the single most challenging business model to pursue. There isn't a good track record in any industry of being able to consistently deliver projects on-time and on-budget with the expected outcomes. From software development to construction to job shops, many companies struggle with their ability to effectively plan and then execute against multiple client projects.

Learn how Theory of Constraints addresses key assumptions in project management that work against us, regardless of the scale of our projects. From the number of resources required to estimation methods and more, traditional project management techniques often leave us looking for a better way. The "constraint" in a project, known as critical chain in Theory of Constraints terms, informs us how to better plan and deliver on project expectations thereby reducing cycle times while increasing on-time and on-budget rates. Head back from this session with key concepts to leverage in your project office and/or teams.
COMPANY SUCCESS Computer Consulting

ROOM 6 TITLE How to Weaponize Your Corporate Culture! How do you get the stakeholders - owners, leadership, staff, vendors, clients, future clients, even employees who don’t know they are about to be employees - in a business all performing at A-Player level? This session will dig into how Mytech achieved this, and how we are helping businesses ladder up to this as well.
In case you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with installing a server or getting your email working. We are talking about weaponizing your corporate culture, just like we have at Mytech Partners.Join us as we discuss:

Promoting client and employee engagement

Helping people with wildly diverse personalities learn elevate one another to A-Player status

…and, those of you who know Mytech probably already know a session with me, of course, will include Make a Difference. Differing from Meyers-Briggs personality tests, or DiSC personality profiling, Make A Difference is about how to get differing personalities (different animals – lion, camel, monkey, or turtle) talking and communicating with one another without devouring each other.
COMPANY Mytech Partners, Inc.

ROOM 7 TITLE Best Practice for Next Generation Customer Experience In this session, attendees will learn and experience:

The current customer experience (CX) climate

The next generation customer experience

How Mitel/Allstream can help you get there

Use cases and success stories

Live Demo
COMPANY Allstream

ROOM 8 TITLE Live Hacking Demo - Breaching Small Businesses We all know hackers target our businesses. However, most of us never get to see the breach from the hacker's perspective. During this presentation, an ex-NSA operator will show you exactly how hackers target their victims, compromise their computers, and what they're capable of doing with little effort. Hold onto your shorts and enjoy this interactive session!
PRESENTER Kyle Hanslovan
COMPANY Huntress

ROOM 9 TITLE AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT…Think your organization is too small to leverage these? Think Again! Real-life stories will be told of failure, innovation, world-wide data collection, and how real-world problems were solved leveraging AI, Big Data, Machine Learning & IoT. We will tell stories of cloud, security and big data in ways you have not heard before, and that apply to you and your business. Through this session we want to challenge attendees to explore how these stories apply to the way you currently operate. As you work to grow and scale your business, how can you apply these lessons to your organization; how can it improve the way you deliver services, handle capacity, and design your solutions differently to perform better and respond faster than your competitors? The story will tell the tale of how one mid-sized company – Sonicwall - that by leveraging these ‘buzz’ technologies has scaled to solve complex Internet problems, and secure millions of businesses world-wide.
PRESENTER Luke Fredrickson
COMPANY Sonicwall