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BREAKOUT SESSIONS #1 | 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
ROOM 1 TITLE Intelligent Protection for Your Business Managing your business brings you a unique set of challenges. Protecting your business, your reputation, your data, and the personal data of your employees and your clients shouldn't be one of them. Staying ahead of the bad actors who are constantly probing and attacking your network is an ever-changing concern. Learn about the cutting-edge solutions that will handle these concerns for you so that you can do what you do best, run your business. The solutions presented show the biggest issues that we all face today and best defenses to meet these challenges.
COMPANY WatchGuard

ROOM 2 TITLE Understanding Tech E+O This presentation will be geared to discuss the exposures that are prevalent to Technology companies, and it will discuss risk management techniques including insurance. An audience member will gain knowledge on the most common threats to their organization, understand tools to avoid these threats and gain an understanding that not all insurance policies, and contract designs are created equal.
COMPANY Marsh Mclennan

ROOM 3 TITLE Creating Insights into YOUR Data with PowerBI Power BI is a business analytics service that gives you a single view of your business data, with the ability to monitor the health of your business using live dashboards, create rich interactive reports and access your data on the go, from your mobile devices. If you are looking to learn how Power BI can help you be more efficient and make a greater impact on the work you do every day, this is the session for you.
COMPANY Microsoft

ROOM 4 TITLE Dynamics 365 Collaboration: We Have Apps for That The cloud offers businesses of all sizes opportunities to transform themselves in many ways. Companies are looking to deliver value by empowering employees, creating new ways to interact with their customers and partners, transforming products and services with digital assets, and streamlining operational processes for greater efficiency. Cloud computing is at the heart of these transformations. In this session we will explore the business value of moving applications to the cloud, and how cloud technology can help you rapidly and efficiently innovate and transform your business.
PRESENTER Tad Thompason and Bart Sneary
COMPANY PowerObjects and Microsoft

ROOM 5 TITLE Why Constraints Dictate Profitability and How Managing to the Constraint Yields Incredible Profit Growth This session demonstrates the Five Rules of Theory of Constraints and their highly focused and leveraged impact on the profit of a business. Learn why the constraint dictates most, if not all, of the financial performance of a company. With this insight, learn how the Five Rules provide guidance in quickly improving all operations of the business, yielding multiple times increase in profitability (vs % increase). As a side benefit, this demonstration will highlight how traditional thinking around concepts such as gross margin, lean, and Six Sigma may be working against us. Walk away with a methodology (e.g. follow the Five Rules) that you can bring to your respective enterprises and start the journey toward dramatic improvements in your organization.
COMPANY SUCCESS Computer Consulting

ROOM 6 TITLE 5 Communication & Collaboration Tools Your Teams Should Be Using! Two common challenges that every organization faces are Communication & Collaboration. No matter what industry you are in, the more people you have on your team, the more challenging communication and collaboration is to do well. For years the Cloud has boasted how it helps enable communication and collaboration in the workplace, and it does, but just ‘being in the cloud’ isn’t enough. We must continue to evolve and mature with the Cloud, and that includes choosing tools that integrate, or talk back and forth with one another, and constantly improving the way we use them. Don’t miss this session where we will discuss and demonstrate some of the Microsoft 0365 applications that you are probably already paying for, but not fully utilizing. These tools will not only increase the communication and collaboration of your team, but they are mobile friendly, easy-to-use, convenient, and secure!
PRESENTER Nathan Austin and Jerel Howland
COMPANY Mytech Partners, Inc.

ROOM 7 TITLE Google Analytics for Marketing Managers When it comes to websites and digital marketing, most organizations have heard about “web analytics” or “digital marketing analytics,” and many are aware that data-driven decisions can help supercharge website performance. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful website analysis tools available, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Some of the most common questions these organizations have are: “How do I USE analytics? What do I look for?” In this session, we will answer these questions by introducing a simple process designed to help you clarify how YOUR organization can connect data with business objectives, identify opportunities, and ultimately act on these opportunities to increase your impact. We’ll highlight key reports that will help you evaluate your own performance against common sales and marketing goals so you can start building a stronger web presence for your organization.
PRESENTER Matt Dittbenner
COMPANY Plaudit Design

ROOM 8 TITLE Easiest Catch: Don’t Be Another Fish in the Dark ‘Net You've read the headlines. Unfortunately, the question now is not if your information is going to be accessed or stolen, but when. Organizations are not immune to these attacks. In an effort to inform the attendees of current developments in the digital underground as well as provide realistic advice for cyber protection, Mark Lanterman will be discussing recent high-profile cyber crime events, including website breaches impacting retailers, banks, and government agencies. Mark will discuss particularly dangerous types of threats that might affect individuals involving the Dark Web, the Internet of Things, phishing, and Wi-Fi attacks.
PRESENTER Mark Lanterman
COMPANY Mitchell Hamline

ROOM 9 TITLE Don’t Just Use Cloud Offering to Do What You Do Better. Do Better Things As your business continues on its journey through Digital Transformation, you’ll be confronted with many of the challenges of cloud adoption: Cost controls, asset optimization, selecting a provider, talent gaps, and more. While all of these issues are critical to modernizing your IT and your business, they often focus on optimizing your current operations. But what if there’s more? Have you considered some of the new technologies your competition might be using to add to capabilities to their business. Join us for a fun discussion about the state of the IT industry, hybrid cloud models, and what emerging tech might be able to bring to your business.
PRESENTER Jorn Knuttila
COMPANY CenturyLink