Security Starts with You!

Session 2 | 10:35am - 11:20am | Room 9
session 4 |   2:00pm - 2:45pm| room 9

The weakest point in any security solution is the end users. We take a look at what end users can do to reduce the risk to themselves and their organizations. In general terms, we will discuss what the vulnerability landscape looks like today, debunk some myths and show you some good practices to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

About Brandon Nohr

Brandon Nohr started in IT back in 1997 in programming and networking. In 1998 he began his consulting career by designing and supporting custom software solutions for the service industry. In 2007 he joined SUCCESS in the service center. Currently Brandon is SUCCESS Computer Consulting’s CTO. In addition to working with key accounts to design solutions, he is also driving new product development and refining current offerings.


About Alex Fields

Alex Fields has a wide and varied career history, from Real Estate to Rental Cars, Academia to Wind Turbines, and many stops in between. Since 2010, he has found a home at SUCCESS Computer Consulting as a Project Engineer. Alex enjoys hiking and writing in his free time; check out his blog at!