Avoid Process Development Pitfalls

Session 2 | 10:35am - 11:20am | Room 1

Providing the tools for teams to execute their jobs is core to every business.  Defining the process by which your team executes helps provide clarity, consistency and should help drive out inefficiency within your organization.  In this TechPulse session, we will cover process development and engagement and how to avoid common pitfalls.  Mytech has been entrenched in process development and improvement for over four years, and we will share lessons learned in an effort to help you on your path to process success.  Key takeaways from this session will include:

  • Managing Process Development
  • Engagement/Buy In
  • Avoiding Key Pitfalls
  • “The 6th Iteration” / when processes are maturing
  • How you can leverage Change Advisory Boards (CAB’s) to identify ownership of process change

About Michael Frascone

Michael is the Process Improvement Director at Mytech Partners; responsible for driving process engagement across the organization. Michael earned his MBA in 2011 and his Six Sigma Green Belt in 2015.