Privacy - Technology in Healthcare

Session 4 | 2:00pm -2:45pm | Room 7

The marriage between healthcare and technology is permanent, ever changing, and certainly not making it easy to remain privacy compliant. We see every day how technology has influenced the way we people interact with the world. Just about every adult in the US carries a smart phone which probably contains highly valuable health data either collected through mobiles apps or devices such as Fitbit. In the healthcare industry, the constant pressures to increase efficiency, while concurrently reducing cost and improving quality of care has given rise to introduction of new technological capabilities. These new capabilities are changing how patients and healthcare providers collect data, access health data, and communicate. 

This session will walk through scenarios where new technologies in healthcare such as wearable devices, big data, and mobile apps, are imposing new privacy challenges. We will look at where privacy applies and then how/where we can implement privacy controls to mitigate risk. A key part of the discussion will be around being compliant vs effective, and having manual vs automated controls. Through attending this session, you will be able to better recognize the privacy challenges introduced by technology and have a baseline knowledge of how to implement privacy controls.

About Joe Cuffel

Joe Cuffel is the Director of Privacy and Engagement at Concord. He partners with clients to ensure consulting engagements meet and/or exceed client expectations. Mr. Cuffel's broad experiences in military, healthcare, retail, and financial industries enable him to understand business operations and needs in order to build strong relationships. His experience as a previous Privacy Officer, Privacy by Design leader, and Operations Director uniquely positions him to develop pragmatic privacy solutions to add value to any organization