People…the Social Engineer’s Dream

session 2 | 10:35am - 11:20am | room 6

The best way to protect yourself against a social engineer is to know their techniques and be aware of their objectives.  Evan will bring his 10+ years of social engineering experience to bear in this presentation covering the three different types of social engineering attacks and current social engineering techniques that (almost) always work.  In this session, Evan will also share some entertaining stories about his life as a social engineer.  At the end of this session attendees will have a renewed awareness about social engineering and will learn some of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your organization.

About Evan Francen

Evan is a 25-year veteran information security expert who tells it like it is. He is not known for being politically correct; however, he has always been dedicated to applying sound information security principles to solve seemingly complex problems. Evan’s breadth and depth of experience and his passion for the profession he loves is evident in all his work.