Twin Cities TechPulse Partners

As a Microsoft Partner,  we are always looking for opportunities to engage with new and existing customers to achieve business success. TechPulsewas a great opportunity to do just that.  It was a day filled with meaningful conversations with attendees coming to learn about current Small Business issues and trends and to explore products to solve business system challenges.  The program content and overall event organization was impressive and thus attracted hundreds of attendees.  The Lead Scanning App provided to exhibitors made it easy to gather contact information and note discussions for follow-up, maximizing conversation time between sessions.  Outstanding value for the cost to participate.
- Jody Miller, Summit Group Software
I have attended plenty of conferences in my career, from large to small, from one side of this country to the other. I have never been so busy answering so many intelligent and engaging questions ever before. We will be back again next year. It was definitely worth our time and it was great deal of fun to attend.
- Jorn Knuttila, CenturyLink
As a first time participant of TechPulse I was blown away with how professional and organized the event was.  From the moment you walked in you were greeted by a friendly staff member who made sure you knew where you were going, the signage was impressive and the participating manufacturers had a lot to offer.  The keynote speakers were engaging and the topics covered were relative and relatable to what a lot of us are seeing in our perspective industries today.  I will definitely be back again!
- Heather Lippard, IngramMicro
We just bought a nice booth for tradeshows this year. TechPulse was our 2nd trade show this year.  The TechPulse event had tremendous energy, in part due to the prizes, but also the way the environment was set up.  It was easy and natural to speak with the exhibitors due to the floor layout.  The few sessions I attended were very good as well.  …loved it!
- Jack Boyer, Boyer and Associates