Managing Processes via Theory of Constraints  

SESSION 3 | 1:00PM - 1:45PM | ROOM 5

Many companies' primary product or service is highly dependent on managing processes within the company. With this model, the product or service is delivered via a well-managed process, or so we hope. It seems that often times the process is in some state of "not quite working right," not delivering the anticipated results in terms of quantities or outcomes. And what isn't quite working right appears to change by the day, the week, the client, the product/service, or some combination of all, but never consistently.  

Learn how Theory of Constraints addresses key assumptions in process management that, just like the financial side of the business, actually work against us. These include being efficient, balancing resources and capacities, and trying to leverage other methodologies such as lean and Six Sigma. Just as the constraint dictates the financial performance of the company, it also dictates how associated processes should be managed for outsized gains in capacities and performance. Walk away from this session with an approach to managing processes that creates a highly effective delivery engine for your products and services. 

PRESENTED BY: Bruce Lach, President of SUCCESS Computer Consulting 


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About Bruce Lach

Bruce Lach has 40 years of IT and General Management experience. During his first 20 years, he spent time in “corporate America” with IT stints at Twin City Federal, General Mills and Land O’Lakes . During this time, Bruce’s IT experience included managing every department in a typical large enterprise IT organization. In the mid-90’s, Bruce’s experience switched to leading start-up and small businesses providing IT services to large enterprises in the Twin City area.  Many of these services were focused on building data warehouses for familiar companies including Wells Fargo, Toro, Valspar, Harvest States and more.