Make IT EaaSy

Session 3 | 1:00pm - 1:45pm | Room 9

Isn’t that what we all want for our organizations – for IT to be EaaSy (or easy)?  We hear statements from small & medium businesses, and non-profit organizations, such as: ‘We need to be in the cloud.’ or ‘When should we go to the cloud?’ as well as ‘I just want IT to work.’  The promise of IT is that it SHOULD make everyone more productive, make our jobs easier, and enable us to focus on higher value activities.  Whether you are in ‘the cloud’ today and/or you just want to Make IT EaaSy, this session is for you – we will discuss:  

  • Why the ‘Cloud’ works 
  • How your business should leverage the cloud differently
  • Top 10 Best Practices for infrastructure you may still need
  • Financial Conflict between Cap Ex & Op Ex – be ready for the shift

Attendees of this session will receive the “Top 10 Best Practices for Infrastructure you may still need” and a “Cloud Readiness Checklist” to take back to their organizations.  Please feel free to come with questions and engage in the conversation about how we can all Make IT EaaSy!

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About Nathan Austin

Nathan Austin brings 20 years of IT business management experience to his current position as VP of Business Development.  After co-founding Mytech Partners in 2000, he has focused on helping customers achieve their business goals, through proper technology alignment, planning and investment.  As the ‘sales coach’ Austin works with both the Minnesota and Colorado based teams to “Provide the best IT experience in North America” for the respective communities they serve.   Additionally, he is the author of the upcoming book: “Capitalism & Community: a partnership for a better tomorrow”   

Austin is active in both the Business and IT Communities, speaking at events locally, nationally, and internationally at industry peer groups and technology trade shows.  As part of the national IT Community, Austin has participated in the Heartland Technology Group (HTG) peer organization since 2006 and for 7 of the last 11 years facilitated one of the groups of other IT business owners. In addition, he serves on the board of a local Minneapolis non-profit called Cookie Cart where they provide life and job skills through youth employment at a North Minneapolis bakery.  Austin is recently married to his beautiful wife Shaina Austin and is enjoying learning how to be a good husband in the early years of marriage.  For balance and recreation Austin enjoys running, fishing, golfing, reading and snowboarding.