Is Your Cloud Data Really Safe? Rethink Backup.

SESSION 2 |  10:35AM - 11:20AM | ROOM 9

Think you're safe just because you in the cloud? Do you know Microsoft's and Google's backup and data retention policies? Can you restore your cloud data after a Ransomware attack? Confused? "I thought moving to the cloud was all I had to do?!"

Rethink Backup.

Whether you need to secure your cloud data to meet standards and regulations or want to prepare your business in case of data loss or a ransomware attack, SaaS Cloud-to-Cloud backup reduces risk and avoids a devastating IT crisis.

Datto is the leader in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. Over 3.5 million users around the world have realized that

Cloud backup is critical to the integrity of their business operations. Datto SaaS protection offers fast backups of all your O365 or G-Suite data with secure cloud storage and granular restore. 

Come learn the about vulnerabilities and threats to your cloud data and how to protect your most important assets.

Presented by: Miguel Caban, Datto