How to Weaponize Your Corporate Culture!

SESSION 4 |  2:00PM - 2:45PM | ROOM 6

How do you get the stakeholders - owners, leadership, staff, vendors, clients, future clients, even employees who don’t know they are about to be employees - in a business all performing at A-Player level?   This session will dig into how Mytech achieved this, and how we are helping businesses ladder up to this as well.   

In case you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with installing a server or getting your email working.  We are talking about weaponizing your corporate culture, just like we have at Mytech Partners.  Join us as we discuss

  • Promoting client and employee engagement
  • Helping people with wildly diverse personalities learn elevate one another to A-Player status
  • …and, those of you who know Mytech probably already know a session with me, of course, will include Make a Difference.  Differing from Meyers-Briggs personality tests, or DiSC personality profiling, Make A Difference is about how to get differing personalities (different animals – lion, camel, monkey, or turtle) talking and communicating with one another without devouring each other. 

PRESENTED BY: Day James, Director of Client & Employee Experience at Mytech Partners, Inc.


About Day James

As Director of Client and Employee Experience for Mytech Partners, Day develops and delivers a pipeline of client and employee experience initiatives in support of Mytech's business strategy.  He does so by driving recruiting and engagement efforts through an empowered culture.  Day's storied background – including everything from performing voiceovers for television commercials, to his more recent years in business development – brings a multidimensionall view into a "Culture Practice" which he is always eager to share with our partners and clients. 

Day is certified to present on the Make a Difference (are you a Lion, Camel, Monkey, or Turtle?) platform,  Through this platform, he has proved how a positive company culture has the power to completely revitalize your business,