How Change Management Can Benefit Your Next Implementation

SESSION 3 |  1:00PM - 1:45PM | ROOM 4

Change Management is an often foreign concept, and yet, everybody thinks they understand it. Successful Change Management practices can save companies tons of time, money, resources, and perhaps most importantly, it prevents talent from seeking new employment. With faster and enhanced user adoption, organizations can navigate the transition with less impact to the bottom line. This session will pull from years of experience with implementations and migrations to discuss Change Management as a part of project implementation. It will also touch on increased User Awareness and Adoption, User Proficiency, Decreased Productivity Lost During the Transition, and Faster ROI Realization. If you’ve ever been a part of an implementation that could have gone smoother, this may be a session for you!

In this session we will explore:

  • How implementing change management best practices as a part of an implementation can save companies time, money, and resources.
  • The importance of including change management early on in implementation planning and strategy discussions.

Presented By: Debra Enloe, Change Management & Education Capability Director & Crista Thielen
Education Program Lead AT PowerObjects, An HCL Technologies Company


Debra Enloe.JPG



Debra Enloe is a Change Management and Education Capability Director at PowerObjects with more than twenty-nine years of business experience. She has varying industry knowledge through working in verticals that include pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, engineering, financial, education, services provider and event management in both union and non-union environments. Debra holds a Master of Education specializing in Education Technology and e-Learning and a Bachelor of Science in Management. 

Notable Experience 

Debra has a range of professional skills from strategic planning, change management, leading a diverse workforce, IT Governance, business analysis, project management, training strategy, and Service Level Agreement development. She has worked in positions as a leadership member, individual contributor, team member, trainer (including all phases from planning to after execution guidance), education consultant and business analyst consultant.  As a result, Debra brings to every project a natural desire to understand the processes needed to support end users and the performance metrics Leadership requires to drive business decisions.