Google Analytics for Marketing Managers

SESSION 1 |  9:30AM - 10:15AM | ROOM 7

When it comes to websites and digital marketing, most organizations have heard about “web analytics” or “digital marketing analytics,” and many are aware that data-driven decisions can help supercharge website performance. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful website analysis tools available, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Some of the most common questions these organizations have are: “How do I USE analytics? What do I look for?”

In this session, we will answer these questions by introducing a simple process designed to help you clarify how YOUR organization can connect data with business objectives, identify opportunities, and ultimately act on these opportunities to increase your impact. We’ll highlight key reports that will help you evaluate your own performance against common sales and marketing goals so you can start building a stronger web presence for your organization.

In this session we will explore:

  • A process to follow and a set of work steps that will help any organization to align business objectives with analytics data and attribute real meaning to the numbers.
  • Specific instruction to configure conversion goals to align with common sales and marketing objectives. (Not highly technical).
  • Specific reports and configurations that help better represent the website's impact on previously defined business objectives. Intended to help attendees get better value from analytics beyond common reports like "Monthly Visitors" or "Bounce Rate".

Presented By: Matt Dittbenner, Marketing Director At Plaudit Design




Since 2001, Matt has provided digital marketing leadership and insight to countless organizations. As Marketing Director at Plaudit Design, Matt leverages extensive experience in online marketing, information architecture, content strategy, and user experience to help businesses discover their own path to a successful web strategy. By day, you can find him working closely with Plaudit’s designers, developers, and clients to create impactful online experiences. By night, he can be found honing his skills in the kitchen.