Be our guest for the 12th Annual Award Winning Business & Technology Conference!

History of TechPulse 

Over twelve years ago, the owners of two competing IT companies decided to get together and share stories of what each had been doing to better serve their clients. 

It was an odd meeting to say the least, but both owners were looking to learn from each other in an effort to improve their respective companies. They found more in common than anticipated; in particular, the marketing efforts each had been making to educate and inform their clients. 


Marketing Through Education

Both SUCCESS Computer Consulting and Mytech Partners had recently hosted events geared towards clients and prospects with the intention of exposing them to all the different elements of technology that touched their businesses. Both businesses believed that marketing by way of education and awareness would be a better avenue to pursue for growth. Both had made significant investment in their respective events. Both seemed to have the idea at the same time: 

Why not combine them into one and do it together? 


We’d have more to offer. We’d serve more people. We’d have access to more resources from vendors and manufacturers. We’d be able to draw better speakers. We’d have a better chance at creating opportunities for businesses to really learn. 

And so Twin Cities TechPulse was born. In the twelve years we’ve been hosting the event, we’ve welcomed and served over 6,000 attendees. We’ve held over 430 breakout sessions on topics ranging from Microsoft Tips and Tricks to Sales Compensation to Mindfulness. We’ve had speakers such as Geno Wickman, founder of the popular business process EOS; we’ve had Adrian Gostick, author of the business book The Carrot Principle; and last year we had one of the nation’s foremost internet security experts, Mark Lanterman, speaking to business owners about the challenges of protecting intellectual property and assets in a digital world. 

A Little Coopetition Never Hurt

You see, even though we’re both technology companies, we’re also businesses trying to grow up. We’re learning and we think we should share that, too. So that means hosting an event that educates not only about the technology work we do, but also about what we’ve learned in finance, culture, values, sales, and operations and having some of the best speakers we can find to share what they know. 

Mytech Partners and SUCCESS Computer Consulting are competitors – that can’t be forgotten. We’ve worked hard to respect each other’s clients and prospects to ensure the event delivers on our promise to educate our market. And we’ve done it... for twelve years.  

Come see for yourself.  


You are invited to Twin Cities TechPulse and we’d be honored to have you as our guest.  Use Coupon Code: MNBIZEMAIL for 75% off!

2018 Keynote Speaker

This year, we’re fortunate to have Sam Richter as our keynote. Referred to as the modern-day Dale Carnegie, Sam will be sharing his secrets of leveraging the internet to better serve and market our businesses. We’ll have over 35 breakout sessions this year with a focus on technology, operations, sales, and administration. The day is capped off with a giveaway of over $10,000 in prizes.