AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT…Think your organization is too small to leverage these?  Think Again!

SESSION 4 |  2:00PM - 2:45PM | ROOM 9

Real-life stories will be told of failure, innovation, world-wide data collection, and how real-world problems were solved leveraging AI, Big Data, Machine Learning & IoT.  We will tell stories of cloud, security and big data in ways you have not heard before, and that apply to you and your business.  Through this session we want to challenge attendees to explore how these stories apply to the way you currently operate.  As you work to grow and scale your business, how can you apply these lessons to your organization; how can it improve the way you deliver services, handle capacity, and design your solutions differently to perform better and respond faster than your competitors?  The story will tell the tale of how one mid-sized company – Sonicwall - that by leveraging these ‘buzz’ technologies has scaled to solve complex Internet problems, and secure millions of businesses world-wide.

We’ll Explore:

  • Big Data/AI - How 8 Billion samples annually protects us all
  • IoT - How failure turned into changing over 1 Million devices in less than 3 hours
  • Device + Cloud – Get the best of both worlds, balance workloads, deliver redundancy & recovery

PRESENTED BY: Luke Fredrickson, Territory Account Manager for Sonciwall